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What if lack of motivation isn't the problem?

When we say our problem is that we "lack motivation" - we allow the hope of a solution to be found outside ourself - to be something we can't control or influence. We become powerless and it feels true. We don't feel motivated. We don't know how to feel motivated so there's nothing we can do, right?

Not exactly.

Our minds are wonderful instruments that have many means to protect us. If we don't feel motivated, its most likely because our brains fear that this motivation will harm us.

You want to start a new business? Maybe your mind believes you will have to deal with a lot of difficult and possibly corrupt people and you won't be able to handle all the hardship and the disappointments. Maybe your brain believes that by being successful, you'll end up alone because people only pay attention when you are needy.

It sounds silly when spoken out loud but these beliefs are often formed when you are young, are very real to your subconscious, are very strong in their ability to influence you and don't reveal themselves easily.

Part of coaching is to ferret out a client's GAILs: gremlins, assumptions, interpretations, and limiting beliefs. Once in the open, you can evaluate how true these beliefs are (not very) and ask your mind to protect you in different ways. Rather than not let you dream big goals because you might get terribly disappointed, you can ask your gremlin to help you with discernment and enjoying the process rather than getting fixated on one outcome.

When you can manage at that level, you really take control of your life. Motivation then is irrelevant.

Consider it's not that you need MORE motivation. It's that you need to uncover and let go all the mental constructs that hold you back. Your brain wants whats best for you, and more times than not, to get you and it on the same page, you will have to dig and find out what the most primal version of you believes. When you can manage at that level, you really take control of your life. Motivation then is irrelevant. You don't need large amounts of energy to get something done because you have nothing you are fighting against, You simply do the things you want to do - without struggle, without force, without Herculean effort.

How would it feel to live where you don't constantly hold yourself back?

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