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Mastery Coaching

The COR.E Dynamics™ Program

There are two types of perspectives for approaching any performance in life - a mastery orientation and a performance orientation.

A mastery orientation refers to the desire to continually develop into the best you can be. You are performing in order to become more competent or more highly skilled than you already are. In any moment, you're concentrating on what will help you perform better in the long run. With a mastery orientation, you are not concerned with the outcome of any particular performance, because you know, no matter what has occurred, that you can learn from what happened and thus move closer to mastery.

A performance orientation is also called the ego orientation. People with a performance orientation perform in order to do better than others. They want to win and they compare themselves to other. Their sense of self-worth and value is tied up in how they perform, and therefore they judge outcomes as good or bad. 

COR.E Dynamics ™ is a program designed to cultivate a mastery orientation. It incorporates paradigms like the 7 lenses of perspective, 7 energy influencers, 10 practical disciplines, and 33 foundational principles. The program includes a detailed workbook and a guided approach that will generate results if applied.

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The 10 Disciplines of Mastery

The following disciplines are just one of several key ingredients of the COR.E Dynamics™ program.

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1. Awareness

Mastery starts with awareness. You are aware of who you are, why you are who you are, what you want, what you value, where you're strong, where you stink, and how you react to your circumstances.

2. Acceptance

Acceptance means not beating yourself up. You accept all aspects of yourself: your traits, quirks, habits, limitations, skills, etc. You don't take things personally either. Whatever happens isn't happening to you, it's just happening.

Conscious Choice Discipline
Trusting the Process Discipline

3. Conscious Choice

Conscious choice is about managing your energy to be able to make the best choice. It's about practicing discernment and non-judgement and simultaneously using logic, emotion, and intuition to make quick and accurate decisions. You know you are always at choice and instead of reacting you respond given current circumstances.

4. Trusting the Process

While you always want to perform, you always focus on long-germ growth. You understand your true goals and avoid jumping into the latest and greatest new/best thing. You have faith in our plan and work that plan to excellence. You look for the lesson in each experience and review your plan and make shifts as needed.

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Fearless Discipline

5. Authenticity

This discipline is about searching for the greatest and most powerful expression of ourselves. As you masterfully act and express in a way that is authentic to you, you give others the permission to do the same and you provide a value that no one but you can provide.

6. Fearlessness

Fearlessness is about embracing the unknown and taking reasonable chances without worry or doubt. You realize that fear does not exist in the present moment and that whatever is happening will ultimately serve you. You know there is nothing to lose, and therefore nothing to fear.

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Connection Discipline

7. Confidence

Confidence in terms of mastery goes broader than the common definition. It also means being aware and conscious of one's power and/or ability to control one's circumstances. It is ultimately knowing we are a work in progress and mastering life is about cultivating curiosity and believing that it is impossible to make a mistake because all experiences have value.

8. Connection

People with a mastery orientation understand the importance of connection: what they feel about the people around them, the mission they are working toward, or some other force. Rather than wait for it to occur, they take the opportunity to create it.

Image by Providence Doucet
100% Engagement

9. Presence in the Moment

Presence is the ability to focus or concentrate on one activity at a time, allowing for complete freedom from distraction so there can be immersion in the activity at hand. Presence in the moment is associated with a state of "flow." A mastery mindset means creating and protecting your process that allows for complete presence in the moment.

10. 100% Engagement

When you are 100% engaged, you are willing, able, bought in and motivated to do whatever it is you've decided to do.  You are excited by what you are doing, committed, with no doubt, no fear, and nothing holding you back. It goes beyond attitude and outlook; it also includes taking action to set your intentions in motion.

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