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There is no better place for creating real change than in a safe community where others are seeking the same growth and transformation. The shared stories create an awareness, help us drop our defenses, and give us the courage to see things a new way. Once we start to see things differently, we act differently and that's where we want to be. No longer looking for growth but growing. 

These masterminds are small groups of women lead by Angela Greenwell CPC, ELI-MP and cover specific topics each week designed to move you from where you are now to where you want to be.  The beauty of a mastermind is that you gain insight from not only the leader but from all women in the group.

Self-growth is a brave journey, but one that is easier and more productive if you don't have to do it alone. Below are the groups currently open for joining.


Mastermind Focus:

Bridging the Gap between Acting Strong to Feeling Strong

In this mastermind, we will discuss what finding our voice really means, how to trust and accept ourselves as we are now, and shed many common beliefs that cause us to doubt, worry, or feel small. Once we get rid of the voices that aren't our own, we can better know our values, strengths, the future we want to create, and not only act strong but feel strong.

Cost: $350 for 9 sessions, maximum 8 people per group

  • Week 1: Introductions - What do we want to get out of this? What does strong and confident look like to us? Who are our role models? And what do we think about ourselves now? 

  • Week 2: What are we avoiding? Where do we feel overwhelmed? What scares us? Where are we pretending, placating, pleasing? Where are we aggressive or defensive? Where are we using busyness or other strategies to avoid or hide?

  • Week 3: What are we tolerating? Where are we using positive thinking, hope as a strategy, "it will all be ok" platitudes and coping mechanisms to continue to endure?

  • Week 4: What are our should's for ourselves? What are our should's for other people? Where do we get really mad? 

  • Week 5: What are the hard things or uncomfortable things or scary things in our life that we need to face? What would that look like? How could we start taking the first step?

  • Week 6: What are our values? What are our strengths? (We will explore the previous weeks to find the answers)

  • Week 7: What can’t we change and what can we change? Where are we holding on to wanting to change things we can’t? Where do we need acceptance for where we are and where others are?

  • Week 8: What old/consistent stories or beliefs do we need to renegotiate? What do we think is hard, not fun, or “we have to do it” in our life? What would need to change so that we find it easy, fun, and we “get to” do it? 

  • Week 9: What’s our new story for who we are, our values, our strengths, and what we want to bring to the world? How can we remember grace - to fully accept ourself in each moment - to show self-kindness? What change do we want to bring about and what actions will we start to take to get there?


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Please note: I speak with each mastermind participant to better understand your goals and find the right group of women for you.

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