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Women's Mastermind Communities

There is no better place for creating real change than in a safe community where others are seeking the same growth and transformation. The shared stories create an awareness, help us drop our defenses, and give us the courage to see things a new way. Once we start to see things differently, we act differently and that's where we want to be. No longer looking for growth but growing. 

These masterminds are small groups of women lead by Angela Greenwell CPC, ELI-MP and cover specific topics each week designed to move you from where you are now to where you want to be.  The beauty of a mastermind is that you gain insight from not only the leader but from all women in the group.

Self-growth is a brave journey, but one that is easier and more productive if you don't have to do it alone. Below are the groups currently open for joining.

Women's Mastermind Communities: Welcome
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Fearless Authenticity:

Developing a strong sense of who you are, so you can be clear and confident in creating the life you want.

It's easy as women to be successful, yet deep down we struggle with pleasing or apologizing, and doubt who we are and our ability to create the life we desire. We play small and are unsure rather than confident when it comes to what we want.  In this mastermind, we will explore how to cross the divide from:

  • Having feelings of doubt, fear, frustration, and uncertainty, 

  • Where we question our ability and our worth, 

  • And wonder why things always happen “to us” 



  • Knowing and loving who we are, 

  • Feeling confident in the value we bring, 

  • And taking assertive steps to build the life we crave.

6 Sessions, Maximum 8 People per Group

Week 1: Why do you do what you do?​

In the first week we will learn about our instincts and why they want to keep us stuck (fearful, overwhelmed, defensive or not believing in ourselves). We will look at our own limiting assumptions and beliefs how to see them in a new light.

Week 2: Who are you really and how can you embrace both your strengths and your weaknesses?

In the second week we will look at our strengths, values, preferences and ideals, as well as our struggles, weaknesses and gremlins. Then we will talk about how to approach self-acceptance and giving ourselves grace.

Week 3: What do you want (If you could have it all your way)

In week three we will dare to dream our own dream. Not the dream we think we should have, or that is expected of us or that is possible for us. We will admit to what it is we really want both as the person we want to be and the life we want to create.

Week 4: You have the answers (not someone else.)

In week four we will talk about choice. Our ability to choose how we show up both in ideal times and under stress, to choose where we focus our energy and choose the actions we take to move ourselves forward. 


Week 5: What is holding you back and what would fearlessness look like?

Week 5 is about facing hard things by pivoting how we look at them. What is getting in your way? What is it you don't like about it? What story are you telling yourself? What would fearlessness look like? What do you need to better face the hard things in your life?


Week 6: Trust the process.

How can you be vs. do? In the final week we will again pivot our mindset about how we take  the journey. We will look at what causes shame and regret. We will learn about Mastery Orientation vs. Performance Orientation and how one allows you to enjoy the process and the other causes stress. We will also talk about how you can protect the process in building what you want.


$ Donation

Attend with a donation of your choosing, committing to writing a review and referring two friends if you find the course valuable.

Mastermind Only


Attend the Mastermind group with up to seven other women, where we collectively get to learn from each other's experiences. 

Mastermind & ELI


Attend the Mastermind and take a Energy Leadership Index Assessment to better see how you perceive and respond normally and under stress. With greater awareness, you'll be able to see where you are reacting, and where you have the opportunity to create change. 

Mastermind & Coaching


Attend the Mastermind, take the ELI assessment and have two 1-hour coaching sessions to work through your particular limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

Women's Mastermind Communities: About

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Please note: I speak with each mastermind participant to better understand your goals and find the right group of women for you.

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