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Coaching For Technology Professionals & Organizations



The pursuit of anything important is a hero’s journey. The start is filled with fear and uncertainty. The end is transformative. The middle takes you through doubt and darkness where you almost always lose your way - for a while. 

Coaching - no matter the area - is a tool that helps you begin the right journeys, navigate the dark, messy middle with confidence, and recognize your transformation at the end so you can celebrate, grow and better begin the next journey. 

Practically speaking, coaching is about creating clarity, removing barriers like negative beliefs and self-doubt, and helping you adopt a mindset that is infused with fun, confidence, excellence, and opportunity. When these things happen, the path forward presents itself and it takes no effort to travel it. 

All great heroes have a guide - why shouldn’t you?



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Helping individuals cultivate mastery by increasing energy in 7 key areas and adopting disciplines that focus on long-term process rather than short-term outcomes.

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Helping individuals navigate major change in their life (career, relationships, health, financial). Shifting from the natural reaction of fear and resistance to excitement and opportunity.



Helping highly skilled and technical people discover the value of soft-skills as well as their own capability in an area that is not often taught, modeled, or rewarded.

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Helping professional women to find their voice, confidence, worth, and unique value in the workplace.



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If you are looking for an opportunity to grow, there is no better way than one-on-one coaching. You set the agenda, coaching is focused on your needs, and key topics are prioritized based on your situation.


When you are looking for a non-technical topic that will grow your teams beyond the latest toolset, I provide lunch and learns in several areas including: Fun with Soft Skills, How to be a Coach (not a boss), Confidence and Fearlessness through Self-Mastery and Personal Excellence, Burnout and Stress Management.


I run workshops that are 3 half days in length and cover several leadership, mastery, and soft-skill topics. The workshops are designed to deliver a lot of content, while allowing attendees to manage their work schedules.



Certified Professional Coach / IT Consultant / Marketing Strategist

I started my career as a software developer and was soon re-tasked by executives because I was good with clients and embraced change. I successfully navigated roles in client management, project management, product management, sales and marketing.

In each role, I noticed the limits of the leaders around me; their attitudes when working with their internal teams, the games they felt they had to play with clients and also with peers. I felt the negative energy, distrust, and poor culture around them. I saw the fear, the disrespect, and the lasting negative impact they created for both people and the organization. And it wasn’t just one. It was dozens of leaders across several companies. Decades later their legacy is still talked about - on how not to lead. 

When I went through my training as a professional coach, I started to better understand why these leaders acted as they did: they were operating from a limited mindset.  Although they were incredibly smart and skilled in technology, they believed being bossy, stretching the truth, and using tactics of coercion and manipulation were how it was done because these tactics had some success - and no one was there to model a different way. 


The silver lining is that perception and mindset can shift more easily than we might think. Coaching creates awareness, challenges unproductive thought patterns, shifts mindsets towards possibility, growth and excellence, and creates space where opportunities become self-evident. It isn't about rah-rah sugar-coated positivity. It is much deeper than that.

We all have stories that are heavy, full of fear that hold us back. "I should’s", "I'm not good at this." "It has to be done this way." "There's no other choice." “My way is right, theirs is wrong.” “It’s going to be hard, tough, not worth it.” And we all have ways that we react to stress and the unknown: overwhelm, helplessness, anger, resistance, force, rebellion, tolerance, denial.

Coaching is about using tools that help individuals drop the heavy thinking, find fun and excitement and see opportunity all around them. When this happens, they easily create anything they want and are a more potent force for good. I wish I was surrounded by leaders like this during my career and it is my intention to empower those who want to be better leaders with the mindset and tools where they can positively impact hundreds and model a better leadership model.





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Genuine, intuitive, and professional with life experiences of her own that make her unique coaching-style so effective!  It's easy to connect with Angela and express what is in your heart and on your mind - all essential in getting real results.  Sessions are dynamic, insightful, and support clients' agenda.  She is truly invested in meeting you where you are, helping you move forward, and supporting you in creating your best life.

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Angela is a unique professional who blends her extensive knowledge of marketing strategy with an engaging curiosity. Striking a balance between science and creativity, she elevates ideas to experiential programs that delight and inspire the consumer. She's an especially valuable partner in the areas of digital/social marketing and brand building.

Paul Hemingway - CMO

I don't think I have enough space here to do justice to my experience working with and observing Angela Greenwell not only work but live her life. We have worked on several projects together, and I also use her services to provide high-quality work for my business and my clients as well. I can always trust she will communicate and deliver on time. She is not shy about suggesting or even pushing for a better idea, and the deft way in which she does it - I wish I could buy or steal that. I also wish I was half as smart, but that ship has sailed. The bottom line is I recommend Angela completely and without reservation, and once you work with her I believe you'll agree.

Jason Pace - Serial Company Builder


What would it mean to you if you could truly master one thing? What if that one thing was yourself? 

What if you had a set of tools that gave you a different perspective where performance mattered less, process and awareness mattered more, and mistakes didn't matter at all? How much more could you accomplish?