When something needs to change, but you're not sure where to start...

Coaching women on how to find themselves and face challenges with confidence.


You are the hero of your story.

Whether we realize it or not, our life is a hero’s journey. There are the ups that we live for, and there are the downs that we tend to pretend shouldn't exist. But it's during the challenges where we are given no way out that we truly transform. 

Have you ever read a story or seen a movie where there isn't some crisis the hero has to overcome? No? It's the same for you too.

Rather than fight or avoid the uncomfortable, I help women see it for what it is and help them through the transformation it is offering them. In the end, they arrive at empowered choice, a resilience for life's ups and downs, and a sense of confidence that may have gone missing. 

While life will always have challenges, you don't have to navigate them alone. A professional coach is someone who can help you see it for what it is, discover what it has to teach you, and enable you to make your own choices on how to respond. 


My Areas of Coaching

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Self Confidence & Mastery Mindset

Helping individuals realize confidence by finding their inner values, facing the uncomfortable, and making empowered choices that are right for them. Then transitioning into a mastery mindset that involves focusing on the process, not outcomes, fearlessness, focus, and commitment.

Navigating Big Changes

Helping individuals navigate major change in their life (career, relationships, health, financial). Shifting from the natural reaction of stress and fear to peace, excitement and opportunity.


Relationships are full of complex feelings and misunderstandings. Sometimes it helps to have a coach who can build understanding by observing intrinsic values, wants and needs while removing stress from unfounded fears.


Diary of a Coach


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Certified Professional Coach / IT Consultant / Marketing Strategist

I started my career as a software developer and quickly transitioned into leadership. But at the back of my mind there was a strong curiosity to understand myself better and why people do what they do. Through the years I dealt with my fair share of self-centered leaders, unethical business partners, abusive romantic partners and wondered why me? As if the problem were some how my fault. I wanted to figure it out. My misguided assumption was that a perfect world existed if I could become perfect, myself.

But perfect meant accommodating, pleasing, and denying what was authentic in order to manipulate those around me to be nice. The cost I paid for the delusion of a nice world was my confidence and sense of self. 

At a rock bottom moment, I started my training as a certified professional coach. It was a journey of understanding that things happen - period. We can deal with them plainly as they are, or we can try one of many coping mechanisms designed to avoid fear and uncomfortableness. 

Now, I help people face their realities, see them as they are (not worse or better) and make empowered choices that build resilience to life's ups and downs as well as restore confidence once lost.



What’s Being Said


How did Angela's coaching make my life better?

Psychologically - I feel WAY more confident about myself. Recognizing choices, letting go of what doesn't matter, I can enter situations trusting myself and others and focus on creating something amazing.

Professionally - these are the most tangible improvements. My leader continues to express her gratitude around how I've been showing up since coaching. Other leaders in the company have expressed similar sentiment. I recently received a special "Founders Equity Grant" as special recognition of my contributions in 2019, and I believe that ending the year on a positive note (with help from Angela and her coaching) contributed to this outcome. Moreover, it seems more and more people at work are feeling comfortable approaching me, as requests for my participation in projects and efforts have grown in the last two months. More opportunity to create, more opportunities to grow.

Personally - I am able to recognize choices everywhere. And recognize the level of control I have over every aspect of my life. This has improved my eating habits, helping me breach the 250lb wall I've been struggling to reach for a year. I've also completed the first draft of a novel, a life goal that I've started at least five times in the past and never finished. These achievements stem from the simple mantra Angela's coaching helped me develop: Recognize your choices, know the outcome you want, and choose accordingly.

Jim Christopher

Genuine, intuitive, and professional with life experiences of her own that make her unique coaching-style so effective!  It's easy to connect with Angela and express what is in your heart and on your mind - all essential in getting real results.  Sessions are dynamic, insightful, and support clients' agenda.  She is truly invested in meeting you where you are, helping you move forward, and supporting you in creating your best life.

Michelle King

I highly recommend Angela's coaching to everyone. She  is phenomenal at judgement-free listening and has guided me to insights that have had a revolutionary effect on my life. Struggling with shame and embarrassment have been a central part of my life for many years, but coaching with Angela has helped me realize i have had the keys to my shackles this whole time.

Grace Martin

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